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Giglio offers high-quality, designer-brand fashion items for men, women and children. The website contains clothing, shoes and accessories of many colors, styles and brands. The website is full of luxury items to please many tastes!

Giglio is both owned and managed by the Giglio family; the fashion concept began three generations ago. Today, Giglio's headquarters are based in Italy and the company has nine physical stores located there, in addition to the website. Giglio holds high customer service as an important and essential quality of the business.

The Giglio website is broken down into seven categories for search:

Giglio offers the following items for men, women, and children:

There are several top designers carried by the website. Designers include:

There are many more widely popular designers who offer products at Giglio - too many to list! Within product search categories, consumers can select a specific design brand to further filter the website, or instead search the website by color or by price.

Giglio does ship worldwide!

Giglio: What makes it different?

Giglio stands apart from other online fashion retailers in many ways:

  • Minimalistic website. Focus is on the beautiful clothes, which require few extras as they are quality pieces. The minimalistic presence draws the eye to the products offered by Giglio. The website is not overly crowded, unlike many online fashion competitors.
  • Variety of search filters. Consumers can search the product by gender (man, woman, or child), color of desired item, and by price. The many search filters allow consumers to reach items of interest quickly and find products they need.
  • Giglio provides a Fashion Blog as a segment of the website. Consumers have access to articles about fashion trends and links to related Giglio sites on social media networks such as Twitter and YouTube. Many fashion websites do not explore beyond the products; Giglio provides an experience for consumers in addition to purchasing products.
  • Ships the designer brand products worldwide. While other online retailers focus on a segment of the world or specific country, Giglio offers worldwide shipping.
  • Website is customizable, according to language and currency with the simple click of a button! Consumers create their own personalized shopping experience at Giglio, according to preferences of where they reside.
  • Sells only high-end designers. The website offers only premium, quality pieces for its consumers. 
  • Offers products for men, women, AND children. While many retails focus on one or two of these groupings, Giglio sells products for all three groups. There is great variety!
Giglio vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Giglio)

Leading competitors for Giglio are eShakti, Esprit UK, and Boston Proper.

Pros of eShakti are:

  • Focus is on female clothing and accessories. More variety of items than Giglio due to specialization.
  • Has an Overstock section for sale items. Giglio does not have a section devoted to sales.
  • Clothing can be customized by size and by style. Giglio does not have a customization service.

Cons of eShakti are:

  • Only ships to the United States and Canada. Giglio ships around the world.
  • Sells only its own brand of clothing. Giglio offers several top designer brands, which gives variety to consumers.
  • Does not sell items for men and children. Giglio does sell items for these two groups.

For Esprit, pros are:

  • Sell trendy, fashions that appeal to the young-fashion market. Giglio has a more classic clothing style.
  • Offers modern home furnishings in addition to clothes; Giglio does not sell these items.
  • Has the Esprit Club, a loyalty program that awards customers e-points for each website purchase. E-points add up to savings on future Esprit purchases. Giglio does not have an incentive program.

Cons of Esprit are:

  • Lack of color search filter for items. Giglio has the search filter.
  • Consumers looking for top designers will find only Esprit-brand fashions at Esprit. Giglio sells a variety of designers' items.
  • The focus on youthful clothing will not appeal to all men and women.

For Boston Proper, the pros are:

  • Option to shop by catalog; Giglio does not provide consumers this option.
  • Has its own unique brand of women's clothing. Giglio sells brands of several designers rather than having a specialty.
  • Sells more fitness wear than does Giglio.

Cons of Boston Proper are:

  • Does not sell items for men and children. Giglio sells clothes and accessories for men, women, and children.
  • Women's clothes are branded as sensual; consumers who want a more classic look may prefer Giglio's fashions.
  • Consumers may like the variety of designers available at Giglio; Boston Proper focuses on its own fashion line.
Giglio: Pricing & packages

Examples of current pricing at Giglio are:

Pricing at Giglio is more expensive than several other fashion competitors, due to the high-end designers who are carried at the website. Dresses at eShakti, for example, are typically between $50-$100 USD. At Giglio, dresses begin at around $80 USD and reach upwards of $600 USD. There are several dresses priced at $300-$400 USD.

Giglio does have enormous clothing selection for women, men, and children. Given the popular designers stocked at the website, consumers should assume that price tags are higher than average. With the price, however, come high quality items and designer labels to add to the personal wardrobe.

Giglio: Product images & screenshots
Giglio Coupons
Giglio: Customer reviews & comments

There are not many online reviews for Giglio on the internet. The reason could be that company headquarters is in Italy and the writer resides in Canada. As well, many of the Press Kit items on the website are in Italian. Of the reviews available, here are a few:

  • "The Online shop carries the designer products sold in the nine sales outlets of Giglio... it is always one of the first sales outlets to have the latest and newest product releases of these brands. Newest products available at the sales outlets are also available at the online shop."

One consumer writes that the selection of products is large:

  • "Besides the huge selection of designers, clothing and accessories lines, there is a wide range of products."

Giglio products span social media sites such as Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook. While there are few reviews to be found for the website, the Giglio family name is easily found on the Web. 

Best Available Giglio Coupon:
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